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Build chronology milestones


September 2009

15th. The pressure is on to close up the wings to move the entire project 600 miles to our retirement home in the next few weeks. The bottom skin and ribs were dimpled, deburred, and riveted over the weekend, despite taking advantage of the gorgeous late summer weather on Saturday to get my fall birthday bicycle ride out of the way--66 miles this year, less fattening than a birthday cake big enough to hold that many candles. Here, the left wing landing light bracket has been installed. The lens opening will be cut later, after the wing is closed.

Speed is of the essence to complete this phase of the project on a deadline. I'm using a well-worn 1-inch Scotchbrite™ wheel on the die grinder to deburr the dimples in the upper forward wing skin and ribs. Working in the forward wing bay, with the skin riveted or clecoed on one side, is very awkward, so 90-minute work sessions with an hour break to work on other projects is just about right.

I made wireway hangers from scrap .032 stock, .625x1.5, with a rivet hole for the rib and on for the tie-wrap mount. How do you attach a fitting with only one rivet? Use a cleco clamp. I made a rivet nose extender from a grease fitting with the ball cut off to rivet the tie-wrap mount.

Here's the left wing forward bay with the wire conduit installed, through the forward lightening holes, then to the rear of the landing light bracket.

A detailed view of the clamping method for the wiring conduit.
Closing the left wing, riveting the spar and leading edge.

Placed the completed left wing on sawhorses to make room for moving the right wing back to the workbench for landing light and wire conduit installation. Note clecoes in wing walk area--wing walk is not installed until after the wing is mated to the yet-to-be constructed fuselage.

View of the trailing edge of the left wing--aileron is not built yet, hinge left with halves mated to keep alignment.

The wings trade places: left wing hung on shelf front, right wing back on workbench for lighting installation

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