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Build chronology milestones


June 2007

10th: Completed bellcrank assemblies and riveted to 9th ribs, then clecoed right wing ribs for drilling to #30. Yes, I did have the right wing assembled once before, and missed the opportunity then to drill out the pilot holes.

10th: The #1 rib on the right is shortened to allow for the rear spar attach bracket. Here, I clamped the rib in place to drill the pilot holes in the new rear flange, with 5" spacing between the inner ribs.

10th: The right bellcrank. The plans call for zinc chromate epoxy on the steel bushings. However, as can be seen by these and other pictures, I've been reluctant to turn our garage, which also houses our fabric arts and longarm machine quilting business, into a superfund toxic waste site. No chromate or alodine. Period. But, some anti-corrosion protection is called for. After some research, I decided to go with the ACF-50 treatment, a thin-film penetrating formula. The bellcrank bearing was treated with ACF-50 before oiling and assembly, and I plan to treat the airframe after assembly. ACF-50 is non-toxic, mostly, and is usually professionally applied. The only downside is that it needs to be renewed every two years for the life of the plane.


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