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Build chronology milestones


June 2006

30th: By the end of the month, the left spar had all the pilot holes drilled; made web spacers and center spacers for the right wing, and built a crude tool stand from scrap lumber to hold the bench sander, to leave more room to work on wings on the main work table. Now that summer has come (briefly) to western Montana, the garage door can be opened so the builder can actually get into the shop!

30th: one set of center and web spacers, on the right spar. I decided to fabricate and drill the rib spacers before riveting the spars, since two of the center spacers slip between the forward web and the tip and aft webs and it was easier to fit them with all elements movable.

1st: Started drilling spar caps for left wing spar. (picture is actually of the right spar, but it feels like deja vu all over again--lots of holes.)

A trip to wisconsin (Madison, not Oshkosh) for a granddaughter's graduation slowed building a bit, but did manage to get the left spar #40 pilot holes drilled; need to remake the root rib brackets and fit in place before deburring, so the left spar assembly is clecoed and stowed under the work table for now.

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