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Build chronology milestones


December 2007

8th: Taking a look at the Jabiru 3300, which will reside in its crate until there is a fuselage on which to hang it. Finished dimpling the upper side of the ribs, dimpled the upper skin, and clecoed. This is the start of the third year of construction, with rather sporadic build schedule. But, with the engine on hand, there is incentive to complete the airframe more quickly.

9th: Turned the wing over to dimple the bottom of the forward ribs and skin. Umm, not good planning. This is a very awkward position, standing on a chair. Long session today, completed dimpling all 12 ribs and the skin, and, with the help of five hold-down straps, pulled the skin into place and clecoed. The pitot-static nutplates on the rib side are slightly canted from tangent to the hole, so they overlap the rib flange by a hair. Tolerances are very tight in this plane; measure, measure, and measure again. Will need to ease the edge of the flange before final assembly.

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