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Build chronology milestones


November 2005

30th. Received back-ordered rear wing spar material from Sonex.

26th, 27th. Purchased and installed larger bench vice needed to bend 1/4" aluminum parts. Unpacked formed metal box, arranged parts by part number in storage bin. Started layout and planning for rudder detail.

23rd, 24th. Put up shelf brackets over workbench, unpacked formed angles and u-channel, stacked on shelving.



19th, 20th. Converted the shipping pallet containing the laser-cut parts into a 4-foot by 10-foot assembly table. Because of the small workshop space, weight of the loaded pallet, and freezing weather, I built the table in place. I attached outer rails and legs to the bottom of the pallet, then lowered the assembly to the floor, attached the top rails, and raised the top, sliding it back and forth while attaching the cross-braces. I leveled the top frame with plane and sander and attached the top. I left the 12-foot top rails uncut, and attached a 2-foot by 4-foot scrap of plywood to the bottom to make a small parts workbench on the outside end of the table. The table top is 40 inches high, leaving ample space below for storage of the cowling and canopy boxes, stacked on dunnage on top of the aluminum sheet tray, as well as the heavy angle and channel stock. In the background: our home computer network server farm and existing workbench with grinder and drill press.


11th. Unpacked boxes, redistributed storage

Control surface skins on shelf, still finding places for existing garage detritus.

10th. Formed wing and tail parts stowed overhead, ran breakin cycle on air compressor. Inserted packing list and instruction sheets into project notebook.

9th. The spar cap tube arrives, kit complete.

The kit arrives, November 8, at sunset, minus the wing spars (box 10), which missed a transfer at Butte on its journey from Oshkosh to Hamilton, Montana. The entire IT support crew from the Rocky Mountain Laboratories turned out to help pack the kit into Larye's tiny workshop. Thanks to Mike, Mike, Kristi, and Kelly for much needed assistance.


Larye, Mike M., and Mike Z. wait as delivery driver Chris cuts the pallet bands.

Kristi and Kelly start unloading the U-channel box.

Some of the boxes are a three-person lift


Boxes and more boxes

The whole crew walks the important and heavy pallet base to the waiting sawhorses.

Finally, the inspection and inventory. The box with the cowling and fuel tank was battered, but the contents are undamaged. At this time, the spar tube was discovered to be missing.

Last minute workshop clearing, interrupted by home remodeling tasks. Kit departed Oshkosh 3 November, expected delivery on Tuesday, November 8.

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