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Build chronology milestones


October 2009

18th. Busy weekend: installed the wiring conduit in the right wing, riveted the leading edge, and built a wing rack.

18th. Put both wings on the rack and rigged the flaps and right aileron (the left one got deferred, still isn't built). I used non-locking swivel casters, so manuevering the rack is a two-person job and need wheel chocks to secure.

18th. Loaded the wings into the trailer, remeasured: there is exactly enough space to put the flat-aluminum pallet next to the wing rack. The pallet is now part of the workbench, so the workbench legs will have to be removed and the top and bottom stacked. Very tight fit. The entire project needs to fit in this trailer this trip for the big move, 473NM WNW.

29th. And, so it did. The workbench and flat sheet pallet are on the bottom left. The small parts bins, tail surfaces, control surfaces, engine, and engine crane are at the front of the trailer, canopy box on top, angle stock under sheet pallet, cowling halves on top and ahead of wing. Fuel tank straddling the spar roots, engine mount strapped to loom, which sits on top of the air compressor. Tools stacked in wardrobe boxes, pegboard made into protective barrier for wings. Next: weight and balance before heading off to the next shop.

But, not without difficulty. The enormous effort of packing and moving popped my right knee while loading the workbench, which delayed our launch date by nearly a week, compounded by the other half of the team being involved in a car accident that took one vehicle out of the caravan for this trip.

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